What does the Alpha
Course Involve, Specifically? 
Each night begins with a free meal (6:30 – 7:00 pm). This is followed by a DVD presentation and a time for small-group discussion on the evening’s topic (7:00 – 8:30 pm).
There is a Host and Helper with each group, to facilitate discussion; participants or Guests are encouraged to share thoughts and express opinions on faith issues – in an environment where “No question is insignificant and no answer is preset.”
Adult participants will benefit from renewed energy when they go ahead and carve out a couple of hours a week for ALPHA. Participants discover through reflection in a non-judgmental, small group setting, that they are actually growing a stronger personal relationship with Jesus. And they deepen in appreciation of Christian ‘faith community’, discovering again – or for the first time – the importance of attending to their life in Christ. The time commitment is significant, but so are the blessings.
ALPHA Coordinators
Deacon Eric J. Elstro (elstrombe@hotmail.com)
The next dates for the Alpha session will be decided at a later date. 
 Call the parish office and ask for Nancy if you have questions!

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