Sacraments of Initiation

BaptismBaptismal Font

To baptize means to ‘immerse’ (in water). The one who is baptized is immersed into the death of Christ and rises with him as a ‘new creature’ (2 Corinthians 5:17). [Catechism of the Catholic Church 1213-1216]
  • The Rite of Baptism for infants and children, newborn – age 6, is celebrated the second Sunday of each month, except during Lent.
  • Guidelines for Baptism of an infant or child, including Requirements of Parents, are in the pink Baptism folders located in the gathering space in the back of church.  Please complete the information and fill out the Baptism application form and drop off in the parish office.  Once this information is completed, the baptism can be scheduled. 
  • Adults are usually baptized at Easter. Adults, 18 or older, and children ages 7 – 17, are prepared for baptism through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, (RCIA) and RCIA, Adapted for Children, (RCIC). 
Please refer questions regarding baptism to the parish office at (989) 224-8994.

Eucharist (Holy Communion)

Eucharist means: ‘thanksgiving.’ It is the memorial of Christ’s life, death and resurrection; a sign of our unity, a bond of charity, a paschal banquet… and a pledge of future glory. [Catechism of the Catholic Church 1409; 1323]
  • Parishioners and Catholic guests can receive Eucharist daily. Please see the home page for our daily Mass /Communion Service schedule.
  • Eucharistic Ministers take communion to the homebound as well as those in the hospital and other care facilities. Call the Parish Office at (989) 224-8994, to arrange for home visits
  • Preparation of Children. Children prepare to receive First Eucharist in school or religious formation classes, usually during the second grade. Preparation is approximately one school year. First Eucharist is celebrated in the spring, after the sacrament of First Reconciliation has been celebrated.
  • Preparation of Adults. Adult (18 or older) prepare for the reception of First Eucharist through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).
For more information please contact Jen Nelson in the Religious Formation Office by emailing: or by calling: (989) 224-8537. Inquiries regarding First Eucharist for adults should be addressed to the parish office by emailing or by calling (989) 224-8994.


Chrismation – anointing with sacred ‘chrism’ oil – is the essential rite of the sacrament.confirmation2-13 It is called ‘Confirmation’ because it confirms and strengthens baptismal grace. [Catechism of the Catholic Church 1289]
Please refer questions regarding youth Confirmation to Jen Nelson in the Religious Formation Office by emailing: or by calling: (989) 224-8537. Please refer questions regarding adult Confirmation to the parish office by emailing: or by calling (989) 224-8994.

Sacraments of Healing


The sacrament is also called: 
‘Confession’ – what we do, expressing sorrow for our sins
‘Forgiveness’ – what God does, offering us healing and grace
‘Penance’ – the action we do to show our conversion or change of heart
‘Reconciliation’ – Restoration of communion between the penitent and God. [Catechism of the Catholic Church 1422-1424]
  • Celebration of individual penance is available: (1) every Saturday, beginning at 4:00 pm. (2) By appointment with the Pastor, and (3) During Communal Penance Services.
  • Preparation of Children. Children prepare to celebrate Reconciliation in school or religious formation classes, usually during the second grade. The sacrament of First Reconciliation is celebrated mid –winter, before the sacrament of First Communion is celebrated. See First Reconciliation/First Communion
  • Adults already Baptized , who are preparing for ‘Confirmation and First Eucharist,’ are simultaneously prepared to celebrate reconciliation. See Becoming Catholic/RCIA 
Questions about preparing children for the sacrament of Reconciliation should be addressed to Jen Nelson in the Religious Formation Office by emailing: or by calling: (989) 224-8537. Other questions about celebrating the sacrament of Reconciliation can be addressed to the parish office by emailing: or by calling (989) 224-8994.

Anointing (of the Sick)

holyoils10-05The sacrament includes anointing with sacred oil, prayers for absolution and healing, and when possible, the reception of communion; this rite is celebrated for the conferral of special grace for Christians experiencing the difficulties of grave illness or old age. [Catechism of the Catholic Church 1526 -1527]
  • Preparation: The preparation required to receive this sacrament is similar to the preparation for penance: an examination of conscience and desire for God’s healing.
  • Anointing is available on request and is occasionally celebrated following Sunday Mass
Please call the parish office (989) 224-8994, to arrange for anointing of the sick at home, in the hospital or other care facility.

Sacraments at the Service of Mission and Communion

Marriage (Matrimony)

Marriage establishes spouses in a public state of life in the Church, its liturgical celebration is public, taking place in the presence of a priest and other witnesses. [Catechism of the Catholic Church 1621 -1624]
Preparation for Sacramental Marriage is a multi-step process that includes:  
  • Step 1.  Pick up a “Holy Matrimony” white folder located in the gathering space at the back of church.
  • Step 2. Initial interview with the pastor or deacon who will serve as celebrant at the wedding.
  • Step 3. Participation in faith formation sessions and facilitated reflection – that includes approximately 20 hours of preparation.
  • Step 4. Consultation with the celebrant, music minister and wedding coordinator to finalize details of the wedding celebration.
  • In keeping with the policy of the Diocese of Lansing, preparations must begin 9 months before the proposed wedding date, to allow ample time to complete the process.
  • To set up an appointment to meet with Fr. Mike Williams to begin preparing for Marriage, please contact the parish office by call (989) 224-8994 or emailing

Holy Orders (Ordination)

Holy Orders is the sacrament through which Christ entrusted his mission to the apostles, to be carried out by the Church until the end of time.
Discernment of the call to Holy Orders (Diaconate and Priesthood) is done at both the parish and diocesan level. Any man exploring a vocational call to Holy Orders should talk with the Pastor, Fr. Mike Williams, to begin the discernment process. You can make an appointment with Fr. Michael Williams by contacting the Parish Office: (989) 224-8994 or