Donations to St. Joseph Church support all of our ministries and operations including education and enrichment for all ages, outreach to homebound parishioners, our active youth group, and St. Joseph School.  View our annual financial report for the 2022-23 fiscal year.
There are many ways to support the parish:
  • Gifts of cash or check
  • Automatic Debit from your checking or savings account or even credit card by signing up online here
  • Automatic payment to St. Joseph’s using your own bank or credit union’s online program
  • Donating stock, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate
  • Including the parish as a beneficiary in your estate plan through your will, a trust arrangement, an insurance policy, or your retirement plan assets
  • Donating a percentage of unexpected income (such as a bonus, garage sale income, sale of property, inheritance, etc.)  Contact the parish office if you wish to make this type of donation.
Click here to make a donation online   via credit card or directly from your checking or savings account.
If you run into problems with your online account, contact Susan in the parish office at 989-224-8994 or