Lifelong Learning

The parish provides adults opportunities for lifelong learning, in the areas of Catholic Faith Practice/Sacramental Celebration and Catholic Traditions in: Social Teaching and Spirituality.
Bible Study / Small Groups Catholic Learning Series Spirituality Series Seasonal Series
Watch the bulletin or check the monthly calendar for current learning opportunities.
Young adults come to the parish to prepare for marriage, and later to baptize their children. For both occasions we invite our young adults to engage in adult faith formation, so they can revisit their knowledge of Catholic teaching, from an adult perspective. It is an important time for young adults to deepen their understanding of why we value and pass on our traditions. With guided reflection young men and women begin to grow into an adult practice of their faith.
Adults, who are parents, typically bring their children to the school and parish for religious formation. Preparing children for the celebration of sacraments and ‘growing into Christian Parenthood’ provide two more occasions for adult formation. This is especially important because parents must guide their children though childhood, ‘tween’ and adolescence stages of development, in a culture which often competes with Christian values.
Additionally, all ages – young, middle-aged and senior adults, find the parish and school community a place for fellowship and support. Parishioners often encourage a relative, friend or colleague to check out the Catholic community. Others engage in adult formation by sponsoring adults who choose to become Catholic. The parish relies on adult parishioners to share their faith and accompany new members into full Catholic communion through the RCIA process.
Adults participate in the life of the community by engaging in prayer, study, service and fellowship with other committed Christians. Check out these opportunities for lifelong learning at St. Joseph parish. Contact Nancy Joseph for more information: